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Kelsey Austin

Owner of AxeDr.com

Best Fender Stratocaster Alternatives Waterslide Guitars 1

Best Fender Stratocaster Alternatives (2021)

So when considering Fender Stratocaster Alternatives, the G&L Legacy should be at the very top of your list. Not only are you getting better value than a Fender, but you are getting a guitar designed by Leo Fender himself.

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ToobScreemer iPhone 11 Case
ToobScreemer iPhone 11 Case
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BackFlash II Samsung Galaxy s10 Case

Guitar Guides

Ultimate Guide to Guitar Tuning

The Ultimate Guide to Guitar Tuning


If there is one thing that makes all the difference when it comes to guitar, its making sure its in tune. Seems obvious right? I can't tell you how many people I've played with that just didn't tune before practice....

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Humbuckers vs Single Coils Guitar Pickups

Part 3: Guitar Pickup Height


Pickup height is the distance between the top of your guitar pickup to the bottom of the guitar strings. This distance greatly effects the way the strings interact with the magnetic field generated by your guitar pickups. The greater the...

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How to Adjust Guitar Intonation 2

Part 4: Guitar Intonation


Making sure your intonation is correct is so important to your overall setup. If you don't do this correctly, you will notice that your notes are out of tune all over the fretboard. For all the time you've invested in...

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G&L Guitars ASAT Classic Control Plate

3 Knob Tele Control Plate Hack


This hack is a pretty simple mod for any telecaster style control plate. The classic tele control plate has gone unchanged for decades. I felt it needed a bit more functionality and I'm always up for a good guitar mod....

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Dark Neck Pickup Hack AxeDr.

Dark Neck Pickup Hack


If you have played or owned more than one electric guitar, chances are you'll have noticed a trend when it comes to pickups; The neck pickup is much darker and quieter than the middle and bridge pickups. You may have...

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Floyd Rose Trem Block Hack3

Floyd Rose Trem Block Hack


This hack involves blocking off your Floyd Rose Style Tremolo. Its a simple modification that locks you trem in effect converting it to a fixed position bridge. This is an mod and is completely reversible in a matter of minutes.

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Hot Rod Humbucker Hack

Hot Rod Humbucker Hack


Thinking about dropping $80 on a shiny new pickup? Wait just a minute. This axe hack will show you how to tweak your wimpy pickup and might just save you that $80.

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