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Best Praise & Worship Guitars Under $1000 (2020)

   So you are looking for an affordable Praise & Worship guitar? This is great because I happen to know quite a bit on the subject. The good news is, there are a whole lot of great options. Manufacturers have really stepped up their manufacturing quality while at the same time lowering prices. You can get a very solid, reliable, and great sounding guitar for a reasonable price.

   The biggest factor for guitar players in the worship genre is GUITAR TONE. I cannot overstate the importance of guitar tone. If you don't really know what I mean by guitar tone, don't worry. You will learn what it means as you progress in this genre. But for now, here is a simple definition.

Guitar Tone:  The quality and richness of the sound a guitar makes.

   When I started in the Worship genre, I had very little idea about guitar tone or how to even get a decent guitar tone. I just had to learn through experience. I can help you however, by giving you a list of guitars that are capable of great tone. Any one of these guitars can be a great foundation for your guitar tone. This list is a culmination of my own experiences and those of well known guitarists in the praise and worship genre. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Things to Consider Before You Buy

    Before you narrow down your guitars, you need to know what type of sound you want. Electric guitars can be divided into two groups.

-Single Coil Guitars

-Humbucker Guitars

   This is referring to the type of pickup the guitar utilizes to "pickup" the vibrations the strings are making and sending to the amplifier.

Single Coil Pickups are the first type of guitar pickup to be invented. They utilize one coil of copper wire wrapped around a magnet and pole pieces. They produce a very bright, crisp, and thin guitar tone. They sound particularly good for clean and low gain guitar parts. They also can cut through the typically heavy mixes of the worship genre.



  • Bright, Crisp, Clean Tone


  • Can sound a bit harsh and thin

  • Noisy 

  • Not great for high gain (distorition) guitar tone.

Humbucker (Dual Coil) Pickups are the response to need for quieter(hum cancelling) guitar pickups. They consist of two coils of copper wire wrapped around a magnet and pole pieces. When paired together, these two coils cancel out the hum created by the single coil. They produce a very strong and thick guitar tone. Lots of low and middle frequencies. They have a bit flatter EQ for clean playing, but really shine when it comes to heavier (high gain) guitar tone.


  • Versatile

  • Thick Bass and Mids, Warm Clean Tone 

  • Noiseless

  • Great for high gain (distortion, fuzz, overdrive)


  • Duller Clean Tone

  • Can be harder to cut through a full mix.

Gibson Les Paul is the typical example of a Humbucker Guitar. A Fender Jaguar is another great example of Humbucker Guitars.

I prefer humbucker guitars myself. I find they are more versatile and can always be modified with push/pull potentiometers to get the single coil sound if need be.

Most electric guitar players have at least one single coil guitar and one humbucker guitar.

Best Praise & Worship Guitars 

   Introduced in 1961, this guitar was Gretsch's first true solid-body instrument. That classic design is once again available in the G5135 CVT, with an ultra-slim body, mahogany set-neck, dual Mega'Tron™ pickups, anchored Adjusto-Matic™ bridge, chrome-plated die-cast tuners, Bigsby® B50 tailpiece and burgundy finish.

  • "Solid mahogany body Mahogany neck (24.6"" scale) Rosewood fingerboard 21 medium jumbo frets Bone nut (1-11/16"" wide) Vintage style machine heads Dual Mega'Tron pickups #1tone pot control setup G-arrow knobs Anchored Adjusto-matic bridge Bigsby B50 vibrato tailpiece Gretsch knurled strap knobs Chrome hardware"

  • "Mahogany neck (24.6"" scale)"

  • Rosewood fingerboard

  • 21 medium jumbo frets

  • "Bone nut (1-11/16"" wide)"

   The Double Agent W is a high-tech axe, undercover in a vintage package. The W is built with a Korina body, Double Agent W Features, and custom Reverend pickups with high-tech electronics, making it great for guitar players who want modern specs, concealed in a vintage package.Korina BodyKorina wood is a medium/light weight wood, with great consistency and solid tonal quality. It's used in all Reverend guitars.


   Reverend names Korina as a key factor in producing their awe-inspiring instruments, thanks to its great resonance and rich harmonics.Double Agent W Features Reverend threw a lot of cool features into this guitar. For starters, it's got a roasted maple neck, which is heat treated at over 300 degrees to remove any impurities in the wood. This creates a lighter, more stable neck, with a vintage look.


   The W also sports a Wilkinson WVS50 IIK Tremolo bridge. This bridge has saddles that lock to the baseplate, adjustable arm swing tension and a push-in/no freeplay arm. When combined with the boneite nut and pin-lock tuners, this whammy won't go out of tune, no matter how hard you play it. Custom Pickups with High-Tech ElectronicsReverend's custom pickups were made especially for this axe. Giving you the power of a bridge humbucker and the sweet tone of a neck P-90, the pickups complements each other's sound excellently and you can use the three-way switch to engage both to find a real cool sound.


Additionally, the Bass contour passive bass roll-off gives you variable pickup voicing at your fingertips. Not to mention, all Reverend guitars come with a Pure Tone jack for improved audio signal, as well as a treble bleed circuit, so when you roll back the standard volume control you won't lose tone.

   I've always been a huge fan of the Les Paul. I can remember the first time I got to play one. It just felt and sounded right. There is something about the power of the pickups, they just drive the amp in just the right way. They have a heavy body and thick tone. If you prefer a darker, warmer guitar tone then this could be the right choice for you. I can tell you that my experience with Schecter Guitars has been nothing but EXCELLENT.


The Schecter SOLO-6B Electric Guitar consists of solid body and also delivers high-performance sound and playability in an eye-catching, retro-styled package. It is made up of a mahogany body with a 3-piece set mahogany neck. A adaptable combination of Schecter humbuckers with coil-tapping and high-end hardware offer professional-level control and expression. Chrome hardware involves Grover tuners, TonePros tune-o-matic bridge and Bigsby tremolo.


  • Top Contour- Arched Top

  • Construction-Set-Neck

  • Body Material-Mahogany

  • Binding-White Multi-ply

  • Bridge-Bigsby Flat Top B50

          w/ Roller TonePros TOM TPFR–T3BT

  • Controls-Volume/Volume/Tone

          (Push-Pull)/3-Way Switch

  • Bridge Pickup-Schecter Diamond Alnico Plus

  • Neck Pickup-Schecter Diamond Alnico Plus

  • Tuners-Grover Rotomatic 18:1

  • Fretboard-Rosewood

  • Neck Material-Mahogany 3-pc

  • Inlays-Abalone & Pearloid Tempest Split Crowns

  • Scale-24.75” (628mm)

  • Neck Shape-‘C’

  • Thickness-@ 1st Fret- .826” (21mm)/ @ 12th Fret- .905” (23mm)

  • Frets-22 X-Jumbo

    PRS is a common brand choice on most lists for best praise and worship guitars. They're reputation for producing quality guitars has put them in direct competition with the biggest guitar manufacturers. PRS guitars have a modern, contemporary feel to them. 

The S2 Standard 24 Satin is a new approach to a timeless classic. The original PRS Standard, introduced in 1987 evolved from Paul Smith’s pre-factory all-mahogany guitars. The S2 Standard 24 Satin takes that classic platform and reimagines it for the modern player. While the sleek satin finish and pickguard-mounted electronics will have you looking good, our 85/15 "S" pickups will have you covered sonically. On stage or in the studio, the resonance of the all-mahogany satin body will shine through your amp or pedalboard.


  • Satin Finished Mahogany Body and Set Mahogany "Pattern Regular" Neck

  • 25" Scale Length; 24-Fret Rosewood Fingerboard w/Dot Inlays

  • 85/15 "S" Bass and Treble Pickups w/3-Way Switch, Vol, and Push/Pull Tone Control

  • Nickel Hardware Includes PRS Patented Tremolo (Molded) and PRS Low Mass Locking Tuners

Maybe you are a bit confused on this one. Schecter guitar for Praise and Worship? Isn't Schecter normally reserved for Rock and Metal? 

Schecter Guitar Research is in my opinion one of the best manufacturers of guitars in the world. I own two Schecters and I love them. They put the word "Research" in their name for a reason. They really know what they are doing.


Check out these modern retro-inspired masterpieces! The same quality and construction instilled in our more popular lines but with specialized development to fit our unique niche players. With thin classic bodies like our SOLO II Special, to full hollow bodies like our Corsair Customs, these guitars are truly special. In this collection you'll find features like Schecter USA Pickups, Bigsby terms and lipstick pickups and many other appointments to form the perfect union between Retro flair and Schecter soul!


  • Chambered Mahogany Body & Mahogany 3-pc Set-Neck

  • Schechter Diamond Super Rock-MH Pickup Set

  • Bixby Flat Top B70 Tremolo System w/ Roller Tone Pros TOM TPFR - T3BT Bridge

  • 22 X-Jumbo Fret, 14" Radius, 24.75" Scale Rosewood Fretboard

  • Grover 18:1 Tuners

   This is one guitar that will set you apart from any other guitar player anywhere near you in the Worship Genre. Its another Schecter and it has the cool looking Bigsby on it. It has alot of the same bells and whistles as the Fender Jaguar. The color is amazing and the body shape is completely unique. I haven't seen anything like it.

According to a review from Dana Foote on Amazon,

"I am absolutely in love. I didn't stop playing it for 3 hours. It was in tune out of the box (which were like Russian nesting dolls). I've played strats the past 15 years, this is a flatter finger board which I should have changed to years ago. I was a little apprehensive on the reviews because I play a lot or hard rock - it's fine. I played Link Wray to Kiss to Faith No More and fit in some Anthrax. Adjust your settings and you're good to go."


  • Set Neck

  • Duncan Designed FG-101

  • Scale:25.5” (648mm),Fretboard Radius:14” (355mm)

  • Roller TOM with Bigsby B-50 Vibrato

  • Grover Tuners,Chrome Hardware

  • Set Neck, Grover Tuners

  • Duncan Designed FG-101

  • Roller TOM with Bigsby B-50 Vibrato

  • Chrome Hardware

   The Reverend Jetstream 390 Electric Guitar boasts an awesome tonewood combination, featuring a double cutaway Korina body. An amber-tint satin-finished maple neck has been carved into a comfortable medium oval profile with a 25.5 scale. The fingerboard is topped with 22 medium Jumbo frets and a 12 radius for extremely fast playability and effortless string-bending.


   The electronics boast a trio of Reverend-designed CP90 pickups that deliver traditional-style twang with a little extra kick. The bridge pickup is slightly hotter than a vintage P90. You get raw, classic tone with slightly less hum than most other P90 s. These pickups will cut through any setting with twang to spare. The neck and mid position CP90 s offer clear, open tone that delivers extra punch when needed. These versatile pickups deliver great clean sound but can also deliver the goods with heavy distortion added.


   The Jetstream 390 possesses a tremendous range of tonal possibilities that could cover any gig.The controls include a master volume, and a master tone, and a bass contour control. The bass contourh is great for tightening up the low-end, which makes the Jetstream390 even more versatile. Chrome hardware includes Reverend pin-lock tuners, and a Wilkinson WVS50 IIK tremolo.


   The Jetstream 390 brings together classic styling with modern features, making it the perfect weapon for today's players. Case not included.Get your Reverend Jetstream 390 Electric Guitar today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

The SE Zach Myers has enough features to satisfy even the most demanding musicians. The resonance of the semi-hollow body paired with the smooth feel of the satin finish neck will make an immediate impression in your hands.


  • Beveled Maple Top with Flame Maple Veneer, Chambered with Single F-Hole, Mahogany Back

  • Wide Fat Mahogany Neck with Satin Finish, Rosewood Fretboard, Bird Inlays, 24.5 Scale Length, 22 Frets

  • PRS Adjustable Stop tail Bridge, Vintage Style Tuners, Nickel Hardware

  • SE 245 Treble & Bass Pickups, Volume and Tone Controls for each Pickup with 3-Way Toggle Pickup Switch on Upper Bout

Like its ancestor, the Classic Series '72 Telecaster Deluxe rocks a pair of Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups and a quartet of skirted control knobs. Other features include an alder body, C-shaped maple neck with bullet truss rod nut, three-bolt neck plate with Micro-Tilt adjustment, maple freeboard, large headstock, three-position pickup switch, vintage-style string-through-body hard-tail bridge and vintage-style tuners.


  • Two Fender "Wide Range" humbucking pickups serve-up loads of huge '70's Classic Rock tones.

  • This model's "amp" knobs, large Strat headstock, bullet truss-rod nut, "F" tuners, and 3-Bolt neck-plate (with Micro-Tilt) recall the hallmark aesthetics of the decade.

    This Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special is another example of popular guitars within the worship genre. Its well suited for the style because of its great tone. Its got all the bells and whistles, and has one of the coolest body styles of any guitar out there. I never really appreciated the offset body style, but it has grown on me to the point that I want to own this guitar.  

According to

"The Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH solidbody electric guitar pumps some modern horsepower into the venerable Jaguar design! Fender added dual humbucking pickups, a versatile electronics package, and an even more comfortable neck, making the Classic Player Jaguar Special HH one impressive cat. You get classic Jaguar features including a distinctive body shape, a unique pickup-switching design, and an Adjusto-matic bridge with a vintage-style tremolo. If you want to play a Fender that's brimming with a blend of vintage vibe and modern power, this could be the best guitar for you."

    Yes, yet another Reverend Guitar. Kind of an ironic brand name for a Worship Guitar I know. Reverend has been making waves in the Guitar Industry as of late, and for good reason. One look at the body styles and hardware choices they are putting out would make any guitar manufacturer start to worry. They're innovative guitars are a direct response to the demand of the more discerning guitar buyers today.

   I looked at alot of reviews on this guitar and they are overwhelmingly positive. To be unbiased I've chosen an outake from a review on Here is what this owner had to say.

"The one feature I really love on this guitar is the the Bass contour knob. lets you roll the bass off and you can get an amazing range of sounds with the contour as well and the 5 way switch. Really this is a very vers guitar.

The neck is really really sweet on this guitar, really nice c shape that is not too thick or too thin, very very comfortable. I have the action at the sweet spot, nice and low.
Over all I'm really pleased with this guitar, I would really be curious so see how these Korean made ones compare to the ones they used to make in the USA. I suspect they are on par.

   If you are a fan of Les Pauls, this guitar could be a great option for you.


    This Fender Classic Series Lacquer 60's Jazzmaster is much like the Classic Jaguar Special above, but with some key differences. This Jazzmaster will give you some amazing clean tones, and you can add killer vibrato with its Patented Jazzmaster Tremolo. It's not just capable of heavenly cleans; It is absolutely equipped for distorted dirty tone as well. Let's dive into these pickups so you can make an educated decision.

In a post on, RomanS described the Jazzmaster Pickups like this:

"Jazzmaster pickups sound like mellow versions of Fender single-coils (Tele, Strat), but still clear and twangy; P90s sound quite different - lots of mids, always a bit raunchy, kinda like half way between a (Fender) single coil and a humbucker, punchy, but not really twangy."

As for the guitar as a whole described it perfectly:

"For guitarists who must have original-era Jazzmaster sound, look and feel, the Classic Series '60s Jazzmaster Lacquer epitomizes the instrument during the 1960s, when guitarists from coast to coast used it to ride waves of reverb-drenched surf and instrumental music. 

With authentic features including a nitrocellulose lacquer finish in classic Surf Green and dual American Vintage Jazzmaster pickups, everything about it takes you back to a wildly creative time when rock music came into its own, from surf to psychedelia and more."

  • Body Material: Alder

  • Body Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer

  • Neck Material: Maple

  • Neck Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer

  • Neck Shape: "C" Shape

  • Scale Length: 25.5" (648 mm)

  • Fingerboard: Pau Ferro

  • Fingerboard Radius: 7.25" (184.1 mm)

  • Number of Frets: 21

  • Nut Material: Synthetic Bone

  • Truss Rod: Vintage-Style Butt Adjust

  • Truss Rod Nut: Vintage-Style Slotted

  • Bridge Pickup: Pure Vintage '65 Single-Coil Jazzmaster®

  • Neck Pickup: American Vintage '65 Single-Coil Jazzmaster®

  • Controls: Lead Circuit Controls (Slide Switch Down): Volume (Neck), Volume (Bridge), Master Tone; Rhythm Circuit Controls (Slide Switch Up): Two Thumbwheel Controls for Neck Pickup Volume and Tone

  • Switching: 3-Position Toggle: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge And Neck Pickups, Position 3. Neck Pickup

  • Bridge: 6-Saddle Vintage-Style Adjustable with “Floating” Tremolo Tailpiece

   By now you'll have noticed that Schecter made quite a few appearances on the list. There is good reason for that. They make, in my opinion, one of the best guitars on the market. I currently own two Schecters, and have played dozens. Things they all have in common include:

  • Excellent setup straight from the factory

  • Great Tone, Even When Uplugged

  • High quality hardware

  • Fast & comfortable necks

  • Versatility

   This Fastback IIB combines the Telecaster body style with modern versatility and the stylistic Bigsby Tremolo. Adding to its appeal, Schecter included push/pull pots. This way you can tap into the single coil tones by splitting each humbucker. This is something Schecter is known for. They made what used to be an aftermarket modification into a standard option. If you are looking for a versatile, stylish, tone rich Praise and Worship guitar, then you might find this your best option.

    As a Worship guitarist you need absolutely stellar guitar tone, and this guitar is capable and well suited to deliver that for you. I will never hesitate to buy another Schecter, they always produce the best product for the money.

Alright, so this guitar is a great option for those players that play electric but want to retain some of the tone of an acoustic. Using a hollowbody adds an airy depth to your tone. The Deluxe Tele Thinline is a very popular choice amongst Praise and Worship Players. One player in particular is the lead guitar player from This is a classic and safe choice. You will get that well known punchy telecaster tone with the modern upgrade of humbuckers. 

The tele is one of the classics and it never gets old. They are super comfortable to play and can really cut through the big full mixes in the worship genre. If this is the only guitar you have for Praise and Worship then you are in good shape. It can cover most all the needs of the modern worship player.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is "Worship Guitar"?

"Worship Guitar" is a niche or style of guitar playing. Many churches have a Praise & Worship Team that leads the congregation in songs, almost like a live concert. There are usually two to three guitarists in any one team. (Along with Bass, Drums, Keyboard/Synth, Vocals, etc.)


The trademarks of a Worship Guitarist are very unique, and have lead to a whole new genre of guitar. "The Edge" (Guitarist of U2) has been a major influence to the generation of guitarists that are currently at the forefront of the genre.


The result is an amazing Guitar Tone. Telltale components include Digital Delays, Huge Atmoshperic Reverbs, Clear, Crisp Clean Tone, and Perfectly Dirty Overdrive. Worship Guitar is a style of its own.

What is the best electric guitar for worship?

The short answer is, the one you like to play. However there is a short list of guitars that sound amazing and are particularly well suited to the Worship Genre.

  • 5. Gretsch Double Jet (w/ Bigsby)

  • 4. G&L Doheny or Fender Offset (Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Mustang)

  • 3. G&L ASAT or Fender Telecaster

  • 2. Veritas Mini Master 

  • 1. Veritas Portlander (Used by all guitarists of Bethel Music)

What is the best acoustic guitar for worship?
  • 5. Yamaha LL6M

  • 4. Ovation Celebrity Standard Plus

  • 3. Cordoba C5-CEBK

  • 2. Breedlove Pursuit Concert Mahogany

  • 1. Martin LX1E

Need some cheaper options?
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