Contact: Kelsey Austin


Location: New York, U.S.

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Every good setup starts with installing a new set of strings.


How to determine and adjust neck relief to fit your style of playing.

How to set individual string height and dial in the perfect action.

Raise or lower your pickups to squeeze a bit more tone out of your guitar.

The last and all important step of Intonation of your guitar strings. Do Not Skip!

Comprehensive Guitar Setup broken down into easy to understand sections.

There are multiple parts to a proper setup. I'll break them down for you. Just start with the first section and go at your own pace. Its important not to rush while you are learning.
Make sure you go in order and don't skip ahead. If you skip ahead, you can mess up the whole setup and nobody wants that. Stick with me and you will have a smooth, fast playing axe in no time!