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Cort Guitars

Its always exciting to come across guitar builders or brands that you haven’t heard of before. I was just perusing google today and stumbled upon Cort Guitars. The name sounded familiar, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen a Cort Guitar in person. It seems Cort Guitars are gaining in popularity, and its easy to understand why.

One look at their guitar models page and you’ll be wondering why you haven’t already bought one. They build both acoustic and electric guitars, and the shear amount of models they offer is staggering. It seems like they’ve covered most of the major body styles and configurations offered by all the best guitar brands. Most brands specialize in a few main body styles.

Fender has the Stratocaster and Telecaster. Gibson has the Les Paul. Ibanez has the RG. PRS has it’s Custom 24. G&L has the ASAT. You get my point. At first glance, it seems like Cort has picked the best models these brands have to offer, and manufactured their own take. Its a bold move, but the results speak for themselves.

Personally, I gravitated straight to their take on the Telecaster. Its part of the Manson Stage Series. Cort partnered with famous builder Hugh Manson. Here is a quote from Cort’s website.

“Hugh Manson has been making custom guitars for over 30 years and has earned an enviable reputation within the music industry for innovation and quality, making electric guitars for some of the world’s best known rock & roll superstars, including John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and Matt Bellamy from Muse.

We are pleased to announce the 2017 collaboration project with Manson Guitar Works two new electric guitar models, M-Jet and Classic TC.” They have a classic model called the “Classic TC” and a “Modern Player” style model called the “M-Jet”.

Cort MBC Muse Guitar
Cort_MBC-1 Manson Guitar

It’s body shape screams Telecaster no doubt, but you know right away that its not a Fender. It might be just a little bit cooler than a Fender. The reviews are fantastic and the build quality is obviously top notch. The classic TC can be found for $499 which means you are getting a lot of guitar for your money.

The Cort MBC is a little hard to find to be honest. If you are in the market for a new axe you may want to check out Cort Guitars. They have been around for fifty years and they make a solid affordable guitar. They have acoustics, electrics, extended range….you name it.

Some of the more popular models are: 

  •  Cort X500 
  • Cort G280DX JSS 
  • Cort CR250 VB 
  • Cort Yorktown-BV 
  • Cort M200BK M Series 



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