Fender Buys Bigsby

Fender Buys Bigsby Guitars

So Fender.com posted a press release. It is the official announcement concerning Fender Musical Instruments Corp (FMIC) buying out the Bigsby brand. Bigsby has been a big name in the Guitar business for decades. They are renowned for their Bigsby Vibrato. The Bigsby Vibrato System has been considered an upgrade for any guitar lucky enough to have it.

I recently restored a Bigsby equipped Gretsch guitar that needed a lot of TLC. Without that Bigsby, the guitar would not have been worth restoring. It was only after I finished the restoration that I truly appreciated the timeless quality of the Bigsby Vibrato. It is truly the perfect combination of guitar style and guitar functionality.

In fact that bigsby grew on me so much that I’m now quite a big fan. I’m even considering adding one to my G&L ASAT. You can expect to pay $100 or more for the Bigsby upgrade, and thats if you are going to install the upgrade yourself. Even the knockoffs are expensive these days. That should tell you something about the quality products behind the Bigsby name.

Fender Buys Bigsby

From Fender's Official Press Release:

Here is what Fender had to say in Fender’s Official Press Release:

“We are excited to acquire Bigsby® and add to our esteemed portfolio of specialty brands.” said Jeff Cary, Senior Vice President of FMIC Specialty Brands. “There is such a rich history with the vibratos, and a mystique around the guitars, pedals and steel instruments that is fascinating. Fred and Dinah Gretsch have been wonderful owners and we look forward to working with them to ensure a smooth transition.”

It seems like the companies are happy with the arrangement. Here is what Fred Gretsch had to say from Fender’s Official Press Release:

Paul Bigsby, Ted McCarty, Dinah and Fred Gretsch and Fender Musical Instruments Corp. all have one thing in common, an unquestioning dedication to product excellence over the long haul,” said Fred Gretsch. “We congratulate team Fender on this strategic acquisition.

For more information check out the official press release from Fender: Fender’s Press Release



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Fender Buys Bigsby Guitar

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