Learn To Solo in 5 Minutes

Better Guitar Tone in 5 Minutes

So while perusing the web this morning, I came across a rather interesting guitar video. It was about beginner guitar soloing. I’m always up for learning new skills, but I’m pretty well versed in beginner solo methods. I clicked play anyways.

Better Guitar Tone in 5 Minutes

So most guitarists are familiar with the method of soloing past the twelth fret using the pentatonic shapes. Its a classic soloing shortcut that is super effective. I assumed thats what this video had to offer. Wrong!

Simple But Effective Guitar Technique

What this particular guitarist revealed was super simple, yet I hadn’t heard about it til now. What he went on to explain was that you can solo very simply by just using the notes of any open chord, or bar chord for that matter. But, we’ll stick to open chords to get the point across.


So lets say you are playing a song in the key of A. Many guitarists would shoot straight up to the fifth or 17th fret using the standard pentatonic. But, as this teacher explained, you can easily use the notes and shape of the open A chord at the 12th and 14th frets. Its mind numbingly obvious, but I have to admit I had never looked at it that way.


I’m sure I can’t be the only guitarist that overlooked this method. As he explains in his video, legendary guitar players like Eddie Van Halen incorporate this method into their playing. He even gives examples of exactly how he used it. If Eddie Van Halen has used these ideas, who am I to scoff at this little shortcut. You should try it out yourself.

Guitar Techniques Don't Need To Be Complicated:

After all, just because something is mind numbingly simple doesn’t mean it can’t sound mind-bendingly difficult. Van Halen was and still is a master of using straight forward techniques to create parts that sound impossibly difficult. We all can probably recall the first time we ever heard “Eruption”. If he can melt faces using simple techniques, so can you. It just takes practice.


So give it a try. You can and will surprise yourself. Once you surprise yourself the first time, you’ll never want to quit. Its addictive. So challenge yourself to learn just one small 5 second part that you never thought you could. Because you can, and you will learn it. Break through that wall just once, and you will find yourself breaking down whole cities worth of walls in no time. Thats how good guitar players become great guitar players.


Check out the video. At worst it will be reinforcement of something you already know and understand. At best, it could be the key to your next big breakthrough. Either way you are spending your time in pursuit of guitar excellence. How can that be a bad thing?



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