Contact: Kelsey Austin


Location: New York, U.S.

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This POD HD500x Patch is a tweaked version of the the Crystal Crunch patch. It has a digital delay in place of the ping pong delay. I've also added more gain on both amps for a more distorted lead tone. It is the culmination of four years of tweaking and tuning every setting within POD HD EDIT software. It is incredibly versatile. It has worked with every guitar I have ever owned, the patch good for any type of electric guitar. I designed it to be used in stereo direct out to the PA system. It works well with powered monitors too.

Solo-100/Class A-30 Overdrive POD HD500X Patch

  • This patch has two exp pedals.

    • Exp 1 controls clean and drive.
    • Exp 2 is volume pedal.
    • It has a pre EQ, comp, mod, two delays, and a big reverb.

    The guitars I use it with:

    • G&L Dual Humbucker Tele w/ coil splits
    • Schecter BlackJack Dual Humbucker w/coil splits
    • Schecter Hellraiser FR Dual Humbucker w/ coil splits


  • Once you complete payment, you will be given a download link. The patch will be in a .zip file. Just download and unzip, drag and drop the patch file onto the Hd500x Edit software.