Best Gifts for Guitar Players (2020)

Finding the Right Gift:

Looking for gift ideas for that guitar player in your life? Great, I happen to be a guitar player. I’ve also been incredibly fortunate to have a lot of super thoughtful and generous friends and family. They have given me all kinds of guitar related gifts, most of which I still use today. So I am uniquely qualified to help you find the best gifts for that guitar player.


   I’m including a handful of guitar gifts that I wish I could have. Any guitar player will be happy to have any of these gifts. You can pick out something that he or she will use for years to come and even serve as a reminder of you.

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   Many years ago, I got a Guitar Tool Kit from my Mom and Dad for Christmas. I still bring it to every gig I play. Its in my guitar case right next to my extra set of strings. A guitar toolkit like the ones below let guitarists make repairs on the fly.

Breaking a string can mean the end of your gig, but it won’t be if you have a backup plan. Having the right guitar toolkit can make a huge difference when you break a string or your strap button falls out.

Ernie Ball Musician's Tool Kit

Ernie Ball Guitar Maintenance Kit

Music Nomad MN146 Premium String Changing Kit  - 5pc

Music Nomad String Change Kit

D'Addario Accessories Guitar Tools (PW-EGMK-01)

D’Addario Deluxe Maintenance Kit

  A guitar multi-tool is a must have for guitar players. When your guitar toolkit is too big take with you, or you just plain forgot to pack it to the gig, a multi-tool can save your bacon.

 These multi-tools are specifically designed for string players. Its basically a Leatherman, but with guitar repairs, adjustments, and maintenance in mind. This one tool ensures your axe can perform at it’s very best.

Alfred Music Publishing Guitar Tools (97-20001F)

Alfred Music Guitar Tool

Ibanez MTZ MTZ11 Quick Access Multi Tool, Red

Ibanez Quick-Access Multitool

Cruz Tools GrooveTech Bass Multi 2nd Generation Guitar Tools (CRU-GTMLT1)

Cruz GrooveTech Multitool

   Guitar and Bass Players absolutely love the sound of a fresh set of strings. The only problem is, we don’t like to spend our money on new strings. Its not very fun for us and often times we put it off to our detriment. That makes guitar strings an excellent gift! Its really great to be able to change your strings.


   You can always ask us what size strings we use, we’ll be happy to tell you and won’t ruin the surprise at all for us. But, if you are intent on surprising us, size 10’s are pretty much the standard for electric and acoustic guitars. Its a safe choice all around. Another way to go about it is to just get us a gift card for the strings. We’ll be happy either way I can assure you.

GHS - Boomers Nickel-Plated Steel Electric Guitar Strings (10-Pack)

GHS Boomers 10 Sets

3 Sets of Elixir Medium Nanoweb Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings Phosphor Bronze 1

Elixir Nanoweb Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings

   Another really useful gift I got years ago, and one that I still use today is my Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Kit. Its got EVERYTHING your guitar lover will ever need to keep their instruments in tip top shape. Guitars need regular upkeep and maintenance. There are multiple makers of these kits, any of the following will do just fine. This gift can last for years!

Things to look for in these kits:

    • String Cleaner

    • String Lube

    • Fretboard Cleaner and/or Fretboard Oil/Conditioner

  • Guitar Wax

  • Guitar Polish

  • Fret Polishing Cloth (Micro Abrasive Material) 

Over the last 5 years, Clip-On Guitar Tuners have become very popular. Nowadays, these tuners have become incredibly accurate and very affordable. They offer the accuracy of a floor-tuner with much more convenience. You just clip them on to the headstock and it picks up the vibrations of the strings.

It doesn’t matter if your guitarist has one already. I can tell you from experience, you can never have too many of these tuners. I like to have one for each of my guitars. 

   Pro Tip: Buy Extra Batteries!!!

Choose a tuner based on their merits:

      • Good Ratings

      • Accuracy and Speed of Tuner

      • Reputable Brand Name

      • Extra Features like Built in Metronome

Guitar Strap Locks are devices you install on the guitar and the guitar strap itself. They lock your strap right onto your guitar. This is a super-important upgrade and can ensure that you don’t damage that beautiful axe. I get these as gifts all the time, and I can never have too many.


There is nothing worse than having your strap slip out of the strap button on your guitar while you watch in slow motion as it plummets to the hard floor! The least that can happen is a small scratch or dent, but the worst can be a broken headstock or a snapped guitar neck. Its happened to many guitarists, thats why strap locks were invented!

Pro Tip: This is an inexpensive gift that can prevent hundreds of dollars in damages.

I prefer the schaller strap lock system, but there are several other good options below.

 One very cool upgrade for any guitar. These aftermarket tuning machines lock the guitar strings to the tuning posts. The benefit of this is superior tuning stability. Guitarists are constantly tuning. With this upgrade, tuning the strings drops to an absolute minimum.

   I rarely have to tune more than once an hour with Hipshot’s Griplock tuners. This is one of my all time favorite guitar upgrades!

Things to Consider:
  • These come in two main configurations, 6 Inline Tuners & 3×3 Tuners

  • Does the guitar you are buying for have 6 tuning pegs all on the same side?

  • Or does the guitar you are buying for have 3 tuning pegs on each side?

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2012 wine red headstock

3x3 Configuration

A Gibson/Epiphone Les Paul uses the 3x3 configuration.

Les Paul Traditional 1 e1587862391248
GL ASAT Classic Bluesboy Tribute Guitar 47 Copy scaled e1587862920638

6 Inline Configuration

Fender Strats & Telecasters uses the 6 Inline configuration.

fender png fender stratocaster to play jazz 2400

Top Picks for Locking Tuners:

Every Guitarist needs guitar picks. I love getting all different kinds of picks.

The best bet is to go with a variety pack because we all have preferences when it comes to pick thickness, shape, material, and size.

Things to Consider:
  • Pick Material (Nylon, Celluloid, Tortex, Ultex, Wood, etc.)
  • Shape (Variations of Triangles)
  • Size (S, M, L)
  • Thickness (Thin, Med, Thick)
  • Pointiness of Pick

   Guitar pick holders come in many shapes and sizes. They are all equally useful and I have just about every kind they make. Make your guitar player’s life a little easier. These are a fun gift that will definitely see use!

  • 1. What are the best gifts for guitar players?

    1. Guitar Tool Kits
    2. Guitar Multi-Tools
    3. Guitar Strings
    4. Guitar Cleaning Kits
    5. Clip On Tuners
    6. Strap Locks
    7. Locking Tuners
    8. Guitar Picks
    9. Pick Holders

  • 2. What are "Strap Locks"?

    "Strap Locks" are metal devices attached to a guitar and it's strap as an upgrade. Without them, its very easy for a guitar to slip from it's strap. Strap locks securely attach the strap to the guitar, and can only be unlocked purposely.

  • 3. What are "locking tuners"?

    Locking Tuners are aftermarket tuning machines that lock the guitar strings to the tuning posts. The benefit is superior tuning stability due to the strings being locked into the post. Guitarists are constantly tuning. With this upgrade, tuning the strings drops to an absolute minimum.

  • 4. What are the best Clip On Guitar Tuners?

    1. Peterson StroboClip

    2. Snark SN1X Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

    3. TC Electronic Polytune

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