December 2019

How To Fix Guitar Buzz…The Right Way

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Common Causes of Guitar Buzz

1. Pickup Height (Too High)

– Pickups are too high and contacting the strings and creating a buzz.

2. Neck Relief:

Your guitar neck is too straight or has a slight back bow thats causing your strings to vibrate against the frets. (This can also create dead spots on the fretboard, where notes don’t ring out.)

3. String Action (At the Bridge)

 Your Bridge is a little too low causing the strings to vibrate against the frets.

4. String Action (At the Nut)

-The nut slots are cut too deep allowing the string to contact the 1st,2nd, or 3rd frets.

This style is adjusted via The key here is to find the sweet spot between lowest bridge height and string buzz. (It is common practice to have the treble side a bit lower due to the smaller string diameter, meaning you can have nice low and comfortable action.)