10 Steampunk Guitars You Can Build Yourself!

Steampunk Guitars

2. Les Paul Breathing Apparatus Steampunk Guitar

Yeah Gibson Guitar Steampunk Custom Made by carlos4728

This definitelly takes the cake on the most over-the-top Steampunk Guitar on the list. It has automotive parts, switches, leather, pipes, and most important of all a gas mask with breathing apparatus attached. Truly a work of Steampunk Art.

3. Super Intricate Les Paul Steampunk Guitar

Steampunk Guitars

This intricate looking guitar has gears, rivets, analog guages, wood carvings, and a floating tremolo. It has that aged Steampunk vibe, and sports a 24 fret neck with rosewood fingerboard.

4. Faust Guitars Steampunk Firebird Keytar Heavy Relic

Steampunk Guitars

Words almost can’t describe this frankenstein’s monster of a heavy reliced steampunk guitar mashup. I have personally had the chance to chat with the Luthier who hammered this thing together, and he is incredibly humble. His creations are truly one of a kind, and you should check them all out at instagram.com/faustguitars

5. Victorian Steampunk Hybrid Gibson SG

Steampunk Guitars

This SG is so buried in steampunk attire that barely notice the body style. The handle attached near the strap button makes me want to pick it up, and carry it around like a suitcase. This builder really went all out on the metal-work here. I count at least 12 different types of metal material, and thats a conservative count. What a masterpiece!

6. Skeletonized Cooling Fins Les Paul Steampunk Guitar

Steampunk Guitars

This Skeletonized Cooling Fins Les Paul Steampunk Guitar could be a medieval weapon, and swung like a battle axe if you really wanted to. It features components from that make it completely unique. I really enjoy the what appear to be some sort of automotive cooling fins(?) that round out the bottom left portion of the guitar body.

7. Les Paul Gizmo Steampunk Guitar

Steampunk Guitars

This one seems to be built upon a beautiful color of natural stained tonewood. I features antique guages of more than one variety, tiny steam tubing, intricate brackets, and a stunning layout. The volume and tone controls are the coolest I’ve seen yet.

8. Tinsonology Art Gibson Hollowbody Chain Links Guitar

Steampunk Guitars

This Tinsonology Art Gibson Hollowbody Chain Links Guitar was one of those amazing finds I tend to stumble into whilst perusing Instagram. This luthier/sclupture artist has a portfolio featuring dozens of these type of guitar builds. His style in unmistakable. I highly encourage you to check him out on Instagram.

9. 3D Printed Steampunk Telecaster Guitar

Steampunk Guitars

This crazy looking, gear laden, is not just a 3D Printed Creation, its also fully functional. Thats right, those gears, THEY MOVE! So if you have long hair, when you are playing this one you better be careful. You wouldn’t want to be like Michael Scott, and end up getting your ponytail stuck in the drill press. (The Office humor).


10. Tube Powered Steampunk Guitar

Steampunk Guitars

It may not have strings on it in this photo, but I’m guessing thats because the builder just couldn’t wait any longer to share his creation. This one is built upon the disected body of Gibson SG, and then reattached using copper tubing. It features the typical steampunk components, but stands out in its use of vaccuum tubes that would normally be found in classic tube amps.

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As you can see, the Steampunk Culture is alive and well in the guitar world. It appears many guitar players also have a toe in the steampunk culture. The guitars are one of a kind, and the it speaks to the unique personalities behind each build.

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Some of the builders have even built a business around this niche passion of combining steampunk and guitars into one musical creation. Make sure to visit the links, as I’m sure these people would love the exposure.


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